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I have been paying a monthly insurance premium of $163.00 just for my personal insurance and this so called insurance provider pays out very little.I scheduled gallbladder surgery only to learn that this crappy World Insurance will only cover 30% of my hospital bill. This is one reason the health care needs to be overhauled (maybe not quite like O'bama wants)with the government stepping in to look at some of these crooked companies and stop their wrongful ways. Course I had Blue Cross and like something *** I changed for a cheaper premium so I got what I paid for NOTHING!!

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I have been with them for 2 years.It's a hybrid policy that allows very little payout but supposedly offers discounts from medical providers.

One trip to the emergency room used up my total $750 co-pay benefit. The only thing remaining for me is to receive the discounted rates from doctors for any medical services I get for the rest of the year. But the insurance company is now refusing to give me those rates saying that I have used up my benefits. Their own brochure touts the benefits of being a part of their network.

It doesn't cost them anything to allow me the negotiated group rates. The last customer Service representative I spoke to understood my problem. She promised to talk to management and get back to me.

I never heard another word.Do not get involved with these scam artists

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